Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'll Never Understand...

Parents who don't teach their children not to touch things that don't belong to them. I saw fb post this afternoon by a friend whose youngest child took a work badge/pen as well as an ereader, hid them and then wouldn't produce said items when asked. I wanted to comment so badly, but couldn't figure out how without sounding like a b*tch.

We taught our children not to touch/take things that didn't belong to them, especially badges, wallets, etc. It worked when it came to not touching my or my husband's belongings. Not so much with toys, etc...but that's part of being a child and not wanting to share.

*stepping off soapbox*

Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Okay with This...


I saw this story this afternoon and I agree with their business model.  My husband and I have two children, ages 18 and 20.  When our children were little (even when they were infants), we didn't hesitate to leave a restaurant or store if they were fussing or misbehaving.  We did this out of respect for the other patrons and for our own sanity.

Over the years, I've seen countless meltdowns by over-tired, over-stimulated toddlers and young children.  In some instances, their parents were completely oblivious to the commotion their children were creating.  Or even worse...placating them with sugary treats or toys in order to, maybe, get them to behave.

In my opinion, part of our job as a parent is to recognize when our children are tired and/or hungry and take steps to head the meltdowns off that accompany these situations.  Sometimes that means postponing/cancelling that shopping trip/dinner out in order for the little one to have a nap or snack or both.  Heaven knows, I've done that often enough.

I realize that sometimes these situations can't always be avoided because I've had them happen to me.  However, I was always prepared with a snack and my children's lovies, so that they could (hopefully) chill in the stroller and I finished whatever it was that I was doing in record time.  These events always seemed to happen to me directly after a pediatrician appointment. Go figure!

Back to the story that brought this up...if the restaurant owner's want to create a niche for their particular restaurant.  Go for it...those who want to frequent their establishment will and others will not.  There are plenty of other restaurants that cater to families with children under the age of 18. I don't see a problem with their reasoning behind the decision to make it an Adults Only restaurant.

Of course...all of this is just my opinion.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Parenting doesn't end...

when the children move out on their own.  Sometimes this is even more difficult than when the children are living under your roof.

My eldest, who is 20, recently moved to Tigard, OR after spending an eye-opening year in Bellevue, NE.  In the last 12 months, she has taken a hiatus from college, moved to NE, married/divorced and moved to OR.  She is working on finding her way and doing it on her terms.  My husband and I understand this...we may not always agree with her decisions, but they are her decisions and we support her in them.

Now...my in-laws are another matter altogether when it comes to this issue.  Case in point ~ just before their visit this past weekend, my FIL decided that he would call C to 'check' on her and to convince her to move to NC and stay with them because my MIL was beside herself with worry that C isn't safe.  Believe me when I say C is safe.  She is staying with friends who would do anything in the world to protect her...they are great friends.  After my FIL spoke with C, I just happened to call her because I needed to verify some information and she was very upset when she answered.  C informed me of the call and gave me some information that upset me tremendously.  I was unsure what to do with this information and called my husband to give him a heads' up about it.  We were to the point of calling the ILs and cancelling their visit.  However upon reflection and a couple of glasses of wine, we decided to let the visit happen and see what would come of it.

There was a discussion with the ILs Saturday morning to get their side of the conversation.  Their side of the discussion was different than hers, so we tried to put all of the information together to figure out what exactly was said.  It turns out that there was a 'miscommunication' between C and her grandparents and we received the 'C-filtered' version of the conversation.  She did say that my FIL was nagging her about moving/college/etc and we don't doubt that.  We did explain to them that she needs to learn how to do for herself and that if we keep helping her, she's not going to learn how to do this.  Not sure if that is going to happen, but we said what we needed to and we believe that they understand.  Maybe...

I'm quite sure that this is not the end of the drama, however, at least my ILs know where we stand on the issue.  It is my hope that they will accept her decisions and let her find her way.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Great Things are Happening...

Today is such an IMPORTANT day!  Why you may ask...well, it is not only my son's 18th Birthday, it is also the day he graduates from Sparkman High School!  You have no idea how excited he was at the beginning of the year when he found out that both events occur on the same day.

Happy 18th Birthday, my handsome son!!!  We are so proud of the young man that you've become.

Congratulations on surviving the obstacle course that is high school!  You're destined for bigger and better things as you embark on your college career at Jacksonville State University.

Love you will all my heart!

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Official!!!

Time Flies

It's been well over a year since I last blogged.  I must admit that I got caught up in the blur that is social media...i.e. Facebook and Twitter.  At the time, I thought it was much easier to post a quick blip on those sites rather than sit down a create a post on my blog and things were changing quite rapidly in my household during the last three quarters of 2012 through now.

Items of note:
  • Daughter decided that JSU wasn't for her and that she was going to move to Bellevue, NE, which she did in June 2012.
  • Daughter gets married in September 2012...surprised us, too.
  • Son starts Senior year of High School and we all know how crazy that is.
  • Marching Band's Fall 2012 Show - IRobot - was AWESOME!!!
  • Spent most of the Fall planning/organizing my in-laws 50th Anniversary Party long distance, no less.  Thank goodness that's over!
  • Daughter and SIL decide that marriage isn't for them and she moves to Portland, OR this Spring.
  • Son went to NY for his final Band trip and had a blast!
  • Hubby and I went to Orange Beach, AL for our anniversary and loved it!
  • May rolls around and we're gearing up for our son's 18th birthday and HS Graduation.
There you have it the last 14 months in a nutshell.

Once again, our lives are about to change in a major way with our son heading off to college in August and we will come home to an empty nest.  My goal of this blog is to chronicle how our lives will change and how I feel about all of these changes as my Hubby and I move into this new chapter of our lives. My hope is that you'll follow along on our new adventures.