Saturday, April 26, 2008

Doing Something for Myself

While reading one of my favorite blogs, Saintseester Says, she had written about taking time for herself and linked to Sisters of a Different Order. I was really moved by what both SS and SOADO had written. It made me stop and think about what I do just for myself.

Some days are overwhelming for me or I just blow things out of proportion. I find it hard to let go and let those around me do for themselves. Part of me does it because it's just easier to do it myself; but the other part does it because I feel that if I don't, I'm failing at my duties as wife and mother. My husband is wonderful. He takes great care of me and will step up to cook dinner when I don't feel up to it or see to the needs of our children.

Here is a typical weekday for me:

*Scare myself half to death when the alarm goes off at 5:30a. I don't know why but this always startles me.
*Shower, dress, wake the children, have breakfast, pack lunch, finish makeup/dry hair - all in time to leave the house by 6:45a.
*Drop eldest at high school, run youngest to middle school and get myself to work at the elementary school by 7:10a. Thankfully, all three schools are on the same street.
*Meet/greet parents and students, answer phones and countless other tasks before leaving at 2:40p to pickup the kids from school.
*On any given day, we could have errands to run or appointments to get to after school.
*Head home to work in the yard/house, fix dinner, do laundry and then relax before heading to bed.

I do, however, every 2-3 weeks treat myself and my daughter to a manicure. I make sure that I have time to spend with Hubby because he is my best friend. There are days that I don't know what I'd do without him.

To many people, my life is quite simple. I admit that I don't have a lot of worries - other than making sure that my children grow up to be respectable, loving, giving adults and making/keeping my marriage strong!

What am I doing right now to take care of myself? I'm going to get a glass of wine and join my husband on the patio to watch the sunset. At the end of the school year, I'm going to treat myself to a facial and massage. In the near future, I would like for me and my husband to get away for a weekend - just the two of us. We usually have an entire week during the summer to ourselves due to the kids being with grandparents, but that won't be happening this summer. I'm looking forward to having the kids to myself all summer. What are you doing just for yourself?

Views from the Backyard

Hubby - the great white fisherman

One of our many water birds. Isn't he/she beautiful?!

My aspiring artist!

Monday, April 21, 2008

What Your Favorite Color Pink Says About You:

Blissful --- Content --- Romantic

Idealistic --- Expressive --- Artistic

Funny --- Quirky --- Individualistic

Yep! Fits me to a T.
You Are Fairly Normal
You scored 50% normal on this quiz

Like most people you are normal in some ways...
But you aren't a completely normal person. You're a little weird too!

Why You Are Normal:

When you're in a car, you prefer to be the driver

You know a lot about a few subjects

You are still with your first love

You prefer fiction to non fiction

You find the Macarena to be the more embarrassing dance

Why You Aren't Normal:

You eat the cupcake first

You prefer your family to your friends

You rather screw someone over than be screwed over

You prefer a good nap to a good meal

You would not eat meat from a cloned animal


What is it with people these days?

While picking my daughter up from school this afternoon, I had another parent cut in front of me and two other cars (nearly causing an accident) just because she didn't want to wait for everyone to move. This really PISSES me off! I, patiently, wait in line to pick up my child, but you seem to think that you are more important than everyone else just because you were substituting today. Ummm...think again!?

The icing on the cake was that she only ended up one car in front of me after cutting everyone off. She has the nerve to stop her car (in the flow of traffic) to come back and tell me that she DOESN'T appreciate the hand gestures (no, I didn't give her the finger - would've liked to though). I told her that she should be patient like everyone else and wait for traffic to move. She didn't like that one bit.

I've got news for her. The next time I see her car in the high school parking lot (and it's behind me), I'm blocking both lanes and she can f***ing wait like the rest of us parents.

*sigh...I feel much better!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Last time I looked, I wasn't. Claustrophic, that is. Only time will tell now because, you see, the powers that be are closing in the area around my desk. I know that it's only to increase security for the students and faculty/staff. It looks strange, but I suppose I'll get used to it. I wish that I'd have taken a picture of it before they started. It's quite a change.

Come next week, I'm going to have a lot of unhappy parents. That is because they will have to wait until I buzz them through to go do volunteer work, eat lunch with their child, etc. Ugh!

Pray for me because my patience is going to be sorely tested.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Severe weather

This afternoon we had severe weather roll through our neck of the woods. The powers that be were well aware of the fact that we could have severe weather today, however, they chose NOT to release students early when it was safe. Instead, we went under a tornado warning at 1:45 pm and had to remain at school until we received the all clear from said powers. In the meantime, we were inundated with parents coming to pick up their children and phone calls wondering if the children would be released on time. I hated having to tell the parents that no buses wouldn't be running until we were given the all clear or that they couldn't leave the building with their children because of the weather. It's very stressful! Thankfully, I didn't have any parents scream at me this time. I believe that would have sent me over the edge.

I'm exhausted. I'm going to get something to drink and put my feet up. I've earned my keep today!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Playing hooky

and loving it. After I dropped the kids at school, I went to Starbucks for my caffeine fix, then to Home Depot to do some plant shopping. Now, I'm off to have lunch with hubby. If there is time before I have to get the kids, I'll pot up my plants I purchased this morning.

Love Spring!!!

Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather today.

I am.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Since I went back to work last school year, I live for my weekends. However, they fly by so quickly.

My weekends are usually filled with running errands, cleaning house and doing laundry. Now that the weather is becoming nicer, I want to be outside working in the yard. I suppose that I need to readjust my schedule during the week, so that I can get out and dig in the dirt. :)

Last week, I started my flowerbeds along the property lines. One side has been tilled and I'm just waiting for the yard to dry out a little bit to do the other side. Then the fun begins - I get to shop for plants. Yippee! I'm trying to create a living fence for privacy, since we don't want to put up a wooden or wrought iron fence. I hope that it turns out as nice as I have imagined it to be.

Happy gardening!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I just saw this story while surfing (

What is this world coming to? Third grade students in Georgia plot to harm their teacher. This would have never occurred to me or my friends when we were in 3rd grade.

I have no words for this.